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Beware of Scam


ALLIED SEARCH PTE LTD has been made aware of unauthorised individuals impersonating employees from ALLIED SEARCH PTE LTD name to recruit candidates and, in some cases, solicit up-front fees from interested jobseekers.

We have reported this to the relevant authorities and we wish to stress that we have not authorised such paid recruitment services and we do not charge fees to job seekers for its placement services.

These scammers use various methods of communication to contact job seekers such as by phone, emails, social media apps like Facebook,Linkedin ,Chat apps like Whatsapp and telegram. We appeal to the public and job seekers not to respond to these false recruitment services soliciting fees and charges.

​To protect yourself from this fraudulent activity, please be vigilant and be aware of the following precautions:


  • Email communication from ALLIED SEARCH sent by our consultants will only be the official e-mail domain “ “
    • Should you receive an email from a different domain claiming to be from a consultant from ALLIED SEARCH, do not reply.
  • If you receive any communications via platforms like Whatsapp,Telegram,Facebook or Linkedin we suggest that you request the name of the consultant and verify with us at the contact information below.


Enquiry Line: 64347777



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